The Other F Word

Happy Father’s Day!
The Other F Word came out in 2011, but I thought today was a good day to remind you to check it out!
It’s a documentary about punk rock dads, including:
Tony Adolescent – The Adolescents
Art Alexakis – Everclear
Rob Chaos – Total Chaos
Joe Escalante – The Vandals
Josh Freese – A Perfect Circle , The Vandals, Devo
Fat Mike – NOFX, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Flea – Anthym, Fear, Red Hot Chili Peppers
Lars Frederiksen – Rancid, Lars Fredrikson and the Bastards, The Old Firm Casuals
Matt Freeman – Operation Ivy, Rancid, Downfall, Generator, MDC
Jack Grisham – T.S.O.L., Joykiller, Tender Fury, Cathedral of Tears, Jack Grisham and the West Coast Dukes
Brett Gurewitz – Bad Religion, Daredevils, Error
Tony Hawk – professional skateboarder
Greg Hetson – Redd Kross, Circle Jerks, Bad Religion, Black President, Punk Rock Karaoke
Mark Hoppus – Blink-182
Jim Lindberg – Pennywise, The Black Pacific
Mike McDermott – The Bouncing Souls
Tim McIlrath – Rise Against
Mark Mothersbaugh – Devo
Duane Peters – U.S. Bombs, Political Crap, Die’ Hunns, Duane Peters Gunfight, Exploding Fuckdolls, professional skateboarder
Joe Sib – WAX, co-owner Sideonedummy Records
Ron Reyes – Black Flag
Rick Thorne – Good Guys in Black, professional BMX rider

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