Frank Dillane in ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ more like Michael Hutchence in ‘Dogs In Space’

People keep comparing Frank Dillane to Johnny Depp, and I get that, but when I saw the opening scene of Fear the Walking Dead all I could think about was Michael Hutchence in Dogs in Space!

There are 12 videos up there, and none of them has quite enough of the scenes I wanted, but you should really just watch the movie anyway. Everyone should see it!

The movie is set in Melbourne, in 1978. It is about a band called Dogs in Space, and a houseful of interesting characters. Hutchence plays Sam, the lead singer. His character was inspired by Sam Sejavka of The Ears.

The movie has some amazing music including The Ears, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, and Marie Hoy (singing Shivers), to name a few.

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