Petition · Stop harassing war vets with service dogs. ·

Please take go take a look at this petition:

Petition · Stop harassing war vets. ·

My PTSD service dog Gander and I have been shooed out of at least 5 different Starbucks in the past year. This is not only humiliating, its illegal. I want Starbucks to educate their staff about the American with Disabilities Act regulations and stop harassing war vets and others with disabilities who need service animals…

I’ll never get it. Why don’t businesses train their employees about service dogs? Besides the basic moral decency issue, it’s a legal issue, not to mention huge PR problem to refuse to allow a service dog.

And why do the individuals who work in these places get all worked up and rush to kick them out? Maybe they think they are going to get in trouble for letting a dog in? Maybe they’re not sure if they really qualify under ADA rule?

Personally, if I were trying to “err on the side of caution” I would rather take the chance of wrongly allowing a dog who wasn’t legit than possibly kicking out a service dog.

But the blame here falls on the businesses that do not bother to learn the law or don’t bother to train their employees.

For more on the service dogs and the law you can view my post Service Animals: Yes You Do Have to Let Them in Whether You Like it of Not. You can also see what the ADA says about service dogs.

You might also enjoy checking out Veteran Traveler and Gander the Service Dog’s Facebook page.

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