Shadow Cats Cat Sanctuary

I recently found out about Shadow Cats. It is a sanctuary for cats, and it is amazing!

Most of the cats have health problems, such as feline leukemia and FIV, so they have set up all these incredible spaces where the cats can live and lounge and play, and hang out with other cats without exposing uninfected cats.

It’s even harder on the heart than a lot of rescue operations because they see a lot of the cats succumb to these illnesses, no matter how hard they work to keep them in optimal health. But, these cats get to live the longest and happiest lives possible.

Many cats with FeLV and FIV can stay healthy for years and enjoy life (if you do’t believe it, check out their Kitty Cam!), but they are typically put down when they are diagnosed because they are contageous and must be segregated from uninfected cats. Very few people are willing to do the work that it can take to keep them securely contained and separated from uninfected cats.

Shadow Cats has healthy cats, too. Many of them are older cats or came from a rough background and have emotional problems. A few do get adopted, but most of them have made Shadow Cats their forever home.

You can learn more about Shadow Cats, and their history here. Also, read about how they helped out with The Great Kitty Recue in which over 800 cats were savedĀ in Nevada.

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  1. Thank you for drawing attention to this simply awesome feline sanctuary and group of people who support these kitties' health and lives each and every day. A rare place of love and peeps indeed.

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