Wow! It Just Became Legal for Parisian Women to Wear Pants…

I just came acrossthis article:

It Just Became Legal for Parisian Women to Wear Pants – Megan Garber – The Atlantic

Amazing! According to the article, the law first went on the books in 1799. It was amended a couple of times, and then (my bold) …

┬áIn 2010, a group of Green Party lawmakers introduced a bill in the National Assembly to strike down the law (and to fight, more generally, other aspects of France’s “judicial archaeology”). The Paris Prefecture, the ancestor of the body that had enacted the decree in the first place, responded that, the law being comically outmoded, it wasn’t worth the effort to remove from the books.

We still have some “comically outmoded” laws on the books in the U.S., too. For instance, it is still a crime for unwed couples to live together in four states, including Virginia.

Although, not criminally enforcable, because it just won’t hold up in court due to constitutional issues, the Virginia law still serves as a legal excuse for discrimination by landlords and licensing agencies. It may soon be struck down by the proposed “Love Shack” bill.

So, what kind of weird, antequated laws have you had to deal with lately?

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