I heard an interview with Steve Volk, author of Fringe-ology, on the radio the other day. You can go listen to the interviewand watch the book trailer here.

I have to read this book, and I am adding his blog to my blogroll. I just love his common sense approach. He believes that sometimes we need to accept the fact that we just don’t know. At least not yet. He got frustrated with extreme believers and skeptic alike. Basically people who have to say or think they have all the answers, no matter what, and no matter how at odds their answers are with the evidence.

It is very nice to hear someone else say they die-hard skeptics are very much like radical believers, and that it requires an extreme stretch of the imagination to believe the explanations that they rely on to explain away any possibility of the paranormal.

He also says that paranormal events and entities are not necessarily supernatural. Just because our current science can’t measure or explain something, does not mean it doesn’t exist or that it is supernatural. Science is constantly evolving.
We don’t know everything yet. How hard is that for people to understand? Or is it just too scary for some people to live with?

For those who are raising an eyebrow at the name alone, he doesn’t say that you have to believe anything in particular to disagree with the skeptics. He is not saying that just because the skeptics’ explanation doesn’t add up, that the UFO theory is the automatic solution. He simply says that it is OK to accept the fact that there are some things we haven’t figured out yet and cannot explain. We
don’t have all the facts about everything.

There doesn’t always have to be an answer. Not today, at least. I like that.

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